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Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

 - Plato

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

- Albert Einstein

Part ONE:

Stuff Happens.

One summer afternoon, I was at a poolside party with my lovely wife.  


A local electrician began lamenting about a recent project. He had just installed new electrical wiring and lighting for a transit station. A few weeks after the job was finished, the station master called to say that the new lights weren’t working. The electrician visited the station only to find that the lights were all broken.




So, he changed the broken fixtures (on his dime – he warrantied his work),

and the station was lit up again. Shortly thereafter, another terse call came from the station master. Again, the lights were all broken. The electrician changed them once more (still on his dime), but this time he added some heavy iron cages around the lights.


Now, the lights worked, but the station master was unhappy because the cages were ugly.  The electrician was unhappy about all the extra material and labor costs.


Nobody was happy.


 - Albert Einstein

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.

Part TWO:

Opportunity Knocks.

This story nagged at me.


How is it possible that a strong AND attractive lighting solution does not exist in the market?  High traffic areas, sporting venues, workrooms, barns - they all need lighting and they are all subject to at least accidental damage or worse, intentional vandalism.  I checked out all the usual suppliers and catalogs as well as the big box stores in the area and online. 


Everything I found was either flimsy and fragile or bulky and ugly.


So, I took up the challenge to fill the gap.

 - Johnny Flora

If necessity is the Mother of Invention,

then adversity must surely be the Father of Re-Invention


Problem Solved.

I'm known as the guy who comes in and applies solid conservative engineering design principles, fixes a problem with a reliable and robust solution.  


This challenge would be no exception.


I designed the first TUFFGLO Light using the newest high-performance LED (light emitting diode) devices, and some of the latest high-strength plastics products.

I created a rugged, and attractive light fixture.


And, I did it right here in the USA. TUFFLGO LED products are proudly assembled and packaged in America – where I can make sure that the quality of every product is second to none.


Each one of us on the TUFF ‘Team’ is committed to product excellence and outstanding service that you can always count on.

You have my word for it.


- Frank

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Welcome. I'm Frank the guy who invented and designs all the TUFFGLO products.  I'm an Electrical Engineer and have been designing electronic products my whole career.  I've worked in commercial, industrial, military, aerospace and academic environments.  I am proud to be known for the quality products I produce. I spend my spare time with my lovely wife Judy and our son Matthew, singing at church and riding horses.
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Hi There.  I'm Bob. I'm a proud member of the TUFF team. I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.
I'm often immersed in hands-on product development and quality assurance. I'm not really a tough guy, but I am a patriot.  I'm honored to roll up my sleeves and help craft the TUFFGLO products right here at home in the USA. My wife Mary and I can often be found in a pew near Judy, listening to Frank sing.
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